Florida Flights

Florida Flights
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Travelling Abroad? Questions you asked

Do I need an inoculation?

No, not to travel to Florida. If you intend to travel on to another destination you should make sure you have the most up to date information from your GP.
The Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad (MASTA) runs a travellers' health line on 0891 224100 (calls charged at premium rates) which will provide vaccination recommendations and other useful medical precautions for your destination.

Prescription Drugs

If you take any prescribed medication ensure that you take a sufficient supply to last the length of your holiday. You should also take a copy of your prescription with you. If you wear glasses take an extra pair.

Safety in the sun

A healthy glow makes you feel great but take care not to burn. Even when it's cloudy and overcast the sun is still strong enough to blister. Babies and children are particularly susceptible to sunburn, high factor sun protection and plenty of liquids are essential. The same is true of adults, particularly those with fair skin. Avoid the midday sun, take things gently, wear a hat and light clothing and drink plenty.

When do I need to carry a doctor's note?

If you have a heart condition e.g. angina, you must carry a doctor's note as proof that you are fit to fly. This also applies to passengers who have had a stroke within the last 10 years. Passengers who have metal implants must carry a doctor's note as they will set off the metal detector alarm at security.
If you are carrying a large quantity of medication or a drug such as morphine, you must have a doctor's note stating what they are and what they are for. You should also advise airlines that you are carrying hypodermic needles so that it can be logged.

Security - Safety when travelling abroad

Make sure that you pack your own luggage. Once out of your villa/hotel room keep your luggage with you at all times. It is easy for someone to slip something into bags left unattended. You will also be asked if you have left your luggage when you check in for your flights. Never accept parcels or letters from strangers asking you to pass them on.

Money - Travelling with money

Travel with as little cash as possible, using travellers cheques and credit cards instead. Try not to carry cards or anything of monetary value in a backpack or pocket. These items are much safer kept in a money belt.

Culture - Foreign Laws
You should respect the laws and way of life in the country you are visiting, in some countries religion, politics and culture are very sensitive issues; avoid criticizing or commenting on them. Always be courteous to security staff and police.

Leave jewellery and valuables at home where they are safe. Although jewels look nice on a night out, you could making yourself a target for a mugging. Precious items are not easily replaced, and often the insurance money is no consolation.

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Florida Flights

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