Florida Flights

Florida Flights
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Travelling with money and medication

Traveller's Checks

It is wise not to carry large amounts of cash. You should take most of your money in traveler's checks and remember to record the serial numbers, denomination and the date and location of the issuing bank or agency. Keep this information in a safe and separate place so, if you lose your traveler's checks, you can quickly get replacements.

Credit Cards

Some credit cards can be used worldwide, even for cash advances. Keep track of your credit card purchases so that you do not exceed your limit. Travellers have been arrested overseas for mistakenly exceeding their credit limit! Leave all unnecessary credit cards at home. Record the numbers of the credit cards that you do bring, and keep the list separately from the cards. You should immediately report the loss or theft of your credit cards or traveler's checks to the credit card companies and to the local police.


Do not bring anything on your trip that you would hate to lose, such as expensive jewelry and objects of sentimental value. If you bring jewelry, wear it discreetly to help prevent robbery.

Pre-Paid Telephone Card Service

You never know when you may wish or need to telephone home during your trip so a telephone card is a good idea. Check with telephone companies about pre-paid telephone card services. They should be able to provide you with information about prices, sales locations in the UK/United States and ordering the service by telephone. If you decide to purchase a pre-paid telephone card, be sure that the card you choose will work in the United States.

Charter Flights and Airlines

There have been occasions when airlines or companies that sell charter flights or tour packages have gone out of business with little warning, stranding passengers overseas. If you know from the media or your travel agent that an airline is in financial difficulty, ask your travel agent or the airline what recourse you would have, if the airline ceased to operate. Some airlines may honor the tickets of a defunct airline, but they usually do so with restrictions. It is a good idea to purchase tours only from operators that guarantee the safety of your money through a consumer protection plan. Before you purchase a charter flight or tour package, read the contract carefully. Unless it guarantees to deliver services promised or give a full refund, you should consider purchasing travel insurance.

Documentation for Medications

If you go abroad with preexisting medical problems, you should carry a letter from you doctor describing your condition, including information on any prescription medicines that you must take. You should also have the generic names of the drugs. Please leave medicines in their original, labeled containers. These precautions make customs processing easier. Travelers have innocently been arrested for drug violations when carrying items not considered to be narcotics in the United States. If you have allergies, reactions to certain medicines, or other unique medical problems, you may consider wearing a medical alert bracelet or carrying a similar warning.

Places to Receive Mail

If you are traveling for an extended period, you may want to arrange for the delivery of mail or messages to you abroad. Some banks and international credit card companies handle mail for customers at their overseas branches. General Delivery services at post offices in most countries will hold mail for you.

You should leave a detailed itinerary (with names, addresses, and phone numbers of persons and places to be visited) with relatives or friends in the United States so that you can be reached in an emergency. Also, include a photocopy of your passport information page as well as your credit card, traveler's checks, and airline ticket numbers. Leave a copy of the list at home, and carry a copy with you.

If you change your travel plans, miss your return flight, or extend your trip, be sure to notify relatives or friends at home. Should you find yourself in an area of civil unrest or natural disaster, please let your relatives or friends at home know as soon as you can that you are safe.

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Florida Flights

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