Florida Flights

Florida Flights
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Tips on packing for your flight

Go for strength as opposed to looks, cases can receive harsh treatment at airports, and hard-frame cases are tougher than soft nylon ones, which can tear. Take care not to over fill your case and remember to pack any valuables in your hand luggage. Attach luggage labels to every item of your baggage, and put name and address labels inside your bags and cases.

Luggage allowance

The standard allowance on charter flights is 20kg (44lb) per person (excluding infants), unless your ticket says otherwise, there is usually a charge if you exceed this amount. On scheduled flights, the allowance is normally two pieces of luggage weighing 32kg (70lb) each.

You can also take one piece of hand luggage with you on to the plane, but this should not exceed 5kg in weight, and be no bigger than 43x28x23cms. Please note that hand luggage may be weighed, as well as cameras and handbags. The low dose x-ray machines used at UK Airports will not affect photographic film.

First aid kit

We recommend that you take with you a basic first aid kit to cover you in the event of stomach upsets, headaches, sunburn, cuts and grazes etc. Also remember to pack any prescribed medication, this should be carried in your hand luggage.

Cigarette lighters

Many multipack cartons of cigarettes purchased outside airports have a 'free' lighter attached to them. There is strong evidence that these lighters may in some circumstances self ignite. Aviation law requires passengers to carry lighters and matches on their person. Passengers are allowed to carry one lighter only. Under no circumstances should lighters be packed in suitcases or hand baggage.

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Florida Flights

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