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Foreign Laws and Customs

Obey Foreign Laws

When you are in a foreign country, you are subject to its laws. It helps to learn about local laws and regulations and to obey them. Try to avoid areas of unrest and disturbance. Deal only with authorized outlets when exchanging money or buying airline tickets and traveler's checks. Do not deliver a package for anyone, unless you know the person well and you are certain that the package does not contain drugs or other contraband. Before you think about selling personal effects, such as clothing, cameras, or jewelry, you should learn about the local regulations regarding such sales. You must adhere strictly to local laws because the penalties that you risk are severe.

Drug Arrests

Many tourists are arrested abroad each year. Of these, approximately one-third are held on drug charges. Despite repeated warnings, drug arrests and convictions are still a common occurrence. Many countries have stiff penalties for drug violations and strictly enforce drug laws. If you are caught buying, selling, carrying or using any type of drug - from hashish to heroin - you will be arrested. During recent years, there has been an increase in the number of women arrested abroad. These are usually women who serve as drug couriers or "mules" and who believe that they can make fast money and have a vacation at the same time, without getting caught. Instead of a vacation, they receive a permanent residence in an overseas jail. The risk of being jailed for just one marijuana cigarette is simply not worth it!

PLEASE REMEMBER! If someone offers you a free trip and some quick and easy money, just for bringing back a suitcase...SAY NO! Do not carry a package for anyone, no matter how small it may be. Do not let anyone pack your suitcases for you while you are abroad.

Immigration and Customs

Have your passport ready when you go through Immigration and Customs. If you took other documents with you like a medical letter, or a Customs certificate of registration for foreign-made personal articles, have them ready, also. Have your receipts handy, in case you need to support your customs declaration.

Restrictions on the Entry of Products from Overseas into the United States

Fresh fruit, meat, vegetables, plants in soil, and many other agricultural products from abroad are prohibited entry into the United States because they may carry foreign insects and diseases that could damage U.S. crops, forests, gardens, and livestock. Other items may also be restricted, so it is advisable to be informed about such details before you Travel to the United States.

Wildlife and Wildlife Products

If, while abroad, you purchased any articles made from endangered animals and plants or any live wild animals to bring back as pets, you must be aware that according to laws and international treaties, it is a crime to bring many wildlife souvenirs back with you. Some prohibited items include those made from sea turtle shell, most reptile skins, crocodile leather, ivory, furs from endangered cat species, as well as items made from coral reefs. The penalties that you risk are severe, and your purchases could be confiscated.

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Florida Flights

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